Fontenay: long lasting wish

I've wanted to go there for years: fontenay's ad bee! My parents have had a house in France for over 25 years, also in Burgundy, but a visit to Fontenay had never happened. That was a two-hour drive from their house anyway. From our house an hour and therefore doable! When friends came to visit us in September it was a nice opportunity to go. And it was on my wish list for a reason. It is beautifully beautiful there and because of corona it was also super quiet: does that nasty virus still have an advantage..

The abbey has practical gardens that welcome you upon entering with huge centuries-old trees that are quite impressive. All the buildings on site have been restored particularly nicely. The forge with the still working wheel, but it's the abbey church you really come here for! Beautiful with sobriety and on the sunny day we were there, the sun sparkled dazzlingly through the windows, resulting in a beautiful effect inside.

Fontenay Abbey has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 (as is the Basilica of Vezelay) and is definitely worth a visit. We combined it with a visit to Montbard (we found it less worthwhile). My tip would be: first have a nice lunch in the nearby town of Semur-en-Auxois and then visit fontenay abbey in the afternoon. Then you have time for your visit.

Website (also available in English):
Information in Dutch is also available at the abbey.

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